New things move the world, and guests return home triumphantly



  In order to create a good learning atmosphere, improve the business skills of employees in various departments, and strengthen the quality of hotel services. On the afternoon of April 14, the 2017 New Beacon Luguang International Hotel Knowledge Competition was successfully held in the Crystal Hall. There are 6 teams in this competition including Front Office Department, Catering Department, Sales Department, Guest Room Department, Property Department + Binhui + Finance Department, Engineering Department + Security Department. Each team is composed of 2 players + 5 support teams. The contestants of each group appeared in turn to introduce themselves and shout the competition slogan. The process of the competition was exciting and exciting, and all the contestants came well prepared.

  In the required questions, the backstage departments such as Binhui, Security Department or Property Department answered the professional content of catering and guest rooms without any leakage. In the competition, for a professional knowledge question in the front office, everyone even questioned the answer on the spot, because every point could not be given up, and for the previous department manager Zhou, he answered the questions on the spot for everyone.

  The food and beverage department has repeatedly tried to get the answer right, and the scores have been soaring, leaving no chance for the opponent at all! On the other hand, the sales department on the side knew the answer, but they always failed to get the chance to answer the question.

  In the risk question section, the sales department, which has been at a disadvantage, finally waited for the opportunity to turn the salted fish over. One question was worth 30 points for a C-type risk question. They chose to answer the question by themselves. After answering it correctly, the audience cheered!

  I believe that through this game, both the players and the audience have gained a lot. Next, let us meet the next challenge with a new and beautiful attitude!