The arrival of a new era of life operation



  From April 20th to 22nd, 2017, the 8th China Commercial Brand Cooperation Conference, hosted by the China Purchase Union Shopping Center Development Committee and undertaken by the New Beacon Group, was successfully held at the New Beacon Luguang International Hotel! The China Shopping Mall Development Committee, the organizer of the conference, has a long history of 16 years. It is the earliest service organization for the shopping mall industry in China and has great global influence. The New Beacon Jiuzhou Vision Business, Tourism and Cultural Project Investment Conference with the theme of "Revolutionary Bureau" was an important part of the conference. Jiuzhou Envision Business Tourism and Culture is a well-known professional institution integrating business investment, operation and asset management. Its biggest feature is the interactive experience as the link and the cultural industry as the soul. It uses the business philosophy of "business + culture + N" to promote Cross-border integration and development of business, tourism and culture. This investment conference is mainly to promote the two major commercial projects of New Beacon Group: DSM International Center and Han City International Community.

  DSM International Center - Business, Travel and Culture Shopping Center was launched, changing the existing business pattern in Central and South China

  DSM International Center is located at the intersection of Wuluo Road and Zhongnan Road in Wuchang. Before its birth, it has attracted much attention in the industry due to its precise strategic positioning and innovative business configuration.

  "DSM International Center", from the creation of music, smell, light, and scene, all details have been carefully designed, and it has perfectly integrated the four characteristic sectors of humanities, nature, art and sports. Many well-known brands at home and abroad have settled in This - Wuhan's first Shijianlu cultural life platform using "books" as the medium, Wuhan's first literary and handicraft museum, Wuchang's first indoor cute pet paradise, Wuhan's first star smart fitness club, Star Crown Alliance, and Shenqi Elite Equestrian clubs and other featured merchants will all appear one by one. With the first sunken green leisure space in Wuchang, the most complex and interesting cultural experiential business is about to emerge.

  Main store of DSM International Center:

  The schematic diagram of Shijian Deer Bookstore (where you can not only read books, but also drink coffee, eat light meals, do handicrafts, listen to lectures and play cats...);

  Xingguanlian Smart Fitness Club (the first smart fitness club in Wuhan co-founded by Yang Wei, Xiao Hailiang and other Olympic stars, it is a good place for leisure and entertainment where you can exercise, meet friends, and participate in sports competitions);

  Eat Supermarket (Eat Supermarket product series, is a new super complex supermarket, in addition to meeting basic shopping needs, there are live celebrity chef cooking, wine tasting class, flower experience, etc.)

  Han City International Community - Building a modern life full-scale community business

  Located at the intersection of Fangcao Road and Sixin North Road in Hanyang, as the first batch of Han city international communities to build Sixin commercial facilities, this commercial area will be built into a full-scale community business that meets the needs of modern life. Bringing together leisure and entertainment-themed commercial streets, cultural experience shopping centers, and community-based living facilities, it will fully meet consumers' needs from basic living needs to quality life in terms of food, housing, transportation, entertainment, and shopping. Eating, drinking, shopping, all-weather, all-format community business center.

  The main stores of the project: Metro boutique member supermarket, Juma Cinema, KFC KFC drive-in restaurant, Starbucks coffee, New Oriental training school, Zhongbai Neighborhood Fresh.

  New Beacon has been developing for more than 20 years. It has always been a modern life operator. From serving boutique business travel life to serving the modern life of the public, it has devoted itself to developing five modern life industries and an unbounded life platform - the city of lighthouses, focusing on modern life operations. Make outstanding contributions to improving the quality of urban life.