"Revolutionary Bureau" - New Beacon Jiuzhou Vision Business, Tourism and Cultural Project Investment Promotion Conference was grandly held!



  In recent years, Wuhan's commercial real estate has grown exponentially, which is inseparable from the construction of the city. Looking forward to the many development measures this year, whether it is the domineering T3 terminal building, the "two bridges, two tunnels and three subways" across the Yangtze River, or the world's third tallest building standing along the river, it is enough to make Wuhan people excited.

  In just a few decades, Wuhan has built 56 shopping malls with an overall commercial area of ​​more than 6.6 million square meters. In this camp, the [DSM International Center] and [Han City International Community] has attracted much attention in the industry for its precise strategic positioning and innovative business configuration. It is reported that these two projects will open at the same time in December 2017, and they will officially meet with the people of Jiangcheng. Experience heavy upgrades.

  New Beacon Group - a modern life operator

  New Beacon was established in 1993. It has always been a modern life operator since its development. From serving boutique business travel life to serving the modern life of the public, it has devoted itself to developing residential life (real estate development), consumer entertainment life (commercial operation), boutique life Business travel life (hotel operation), education life (education service), healthy life (health management) five modern life industries and unbounded life platform - the city of lighthouses, focusing on modern life operations, making outstanding contributions to improving the quality of urban life.

  Its well-known professional organization integrating business investment, operation and asset management - Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel and Tourism, its biggest feature is the interactive experience as the link, the cultural industry as the soul, and the use of the "business + culture + N" business philosophy, Promote the development of cross-border integration of business, tourism and culture. In addition to the continuous planning, investment promotion, opening and operation of New Beacon Group's commercial projects, Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel and Tourism also plans to reach strategic alliances with other outstanding companies, undertake or acquire external projects, and conduct overall operations in an asset-light mode to become New Beacon. The core force of the life operation of the Kai Group.

  In the future, New Beacon Group will continue to strengthen its own integrated operation capabilities and strive to become a leading brand in modern life operations.

  DSM International Center - Business, Travel and Culture Shopping Center was launched, changing the existing business pattern in Central and South China

  To this day, when old Wuhan people mention Zhongnan, they still think that the traditional shopping malls there are old and lack new ideas for shopping. However, just wait a few more months, and this view may be upended.

  The first business, tourism and cultural shopping center in Central China, the "DSM International Center", built with a cost of more than 2 billion yuan, is located in the Zhongnan business district, and strives to become a new life scene space that brings aesthetic reverie and pleasure to consumers. From the creation of music, smell, light, and scenes, to the plants, trees, tables and chairs in the venue, all details have been carefully designed, and they have perfectly integrated the four characteristic sections of humanities, nature, art, and sports. Among them, the first in Wuhan The Shijianlu cultural life platform, the first literary and artistic handicraft museum, the first star intelligent fitness club, Star Crown Lian, the first indoor cute pet park in Wuchang, the Shenqi elite equestrian club and other characteristic merchants will all use "books" as the medium. One by one, with the first sunken green leisure space in Wuchang, the most complex and interesting cultural experiential business is about to emerge.

  The schematic diagram of Shijian Deer Bookstore (where you can not only read books, but also drink coffee, eat light meals, do handicrafts, listen to lectures, play cats...);

  It is reported that on April 20, 2017, the investment promotion conference of Jiuzhou Vision Business, Tourism and Cultural Project with the theme of "Revolution" was held in New Beacon Luguang International Hotel. The conference received more than 400 people from well-known brands at home and abroad. Among the business representatives, 20 well-known brands have successfully signed contracts with Jiuzhou Vision Business, Tourism, Culture and Commercial Projects (DSM International Center, Han City International Community).