Mr. Zhao Runtao, CEO of Jiuzhou Vision Business Tourism Development Co., Ltd. attended the 12th China Commercial Real Estate Festival and expressed his views on the future development of commercial real estate at the conference



  On April 13-14, 2017, the 12th China Commercial Real Estate Festival, hosted by, the first portal website of China's commercial real estate, with the theme of "Reformation: Scene? Content? Cross-border", was held in Guangzhou. The Langham Place, Nanfeng was grandly held, and Mr. Zhao Runtao, CEO of Jiuzhou Envision Business, Tourism and Culture Development Co., Ltd., was invited to attend.

  Mr. Zhao Runtao, CEO of Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Culture, expressed his views on the future development of commercial real estate at the forum: Compared with product consumption, people pay more attention to scene and experience consumption. However, most developers are still in the initial stage, only using "experience" as a gimmick and selling point, or only keep the concept of "experience" at the level of simple space design, building memorial halls, introducing art exhibitions, cafes, bookstores, The atrium is planted with flowers and plants, which looks full of atmosphere on the surface, but actually lacks the experience. In fact, an experiential business that can really attract consumers must have an experiential business format that can bring consumers a superior feeling. Through the environment, shopping mall scene, and atmosphere created, consumers can participate and attract consumers to build projects. Patronage loyalty and dependencies, thereby driving traffic and sales for the item.

  Taking “DSM International Center”, the first business and cultural shopping center under Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Culture as an example, from the creation of music, smell, light and scene, all the details have been carefully designed, and the perfect integration of humanities, nature, Four characteristic sectors of art and sports, creating several main business formats - Wuhan's first cross-border people's bookstore "See the Deer", Wuhan's first flying club in a shopping center, Wuhan's first star intelligent fitness club "Xingguanlian" , the country's first naked-eye 4D technology music interactive bar "Different Dimension", the country's first Montmartre film art block, Shenqi elite equestrian club, new retail experience supermarket and other characteristic merchants will appear one by one, plus Wuchang's first sinking The most complex and interesting cultural experiential business is about to emerge. Integrate material, experience and mood to create the most complex and interesting cultural experiential business, and create a life scene for customers to see, hear and smell, which arouses aesthetic reverie and pleasure.

  In addition, when consumers enter the shopping mall, they are not only looking at the environment of the shopping mall and the brands they enter, but also feeling the service at a deeper level. For example, the shopping mall has special care for the elderly and children, whether the design of the trash can, the design of the bathroom and other comforts are fully considered, and whether the shopping mall will hold some small activities every day. Putting the customer in mind and perfecting the service is also the essence of experiential business.

  In fact, returning to the essence of business and "tailor-made" experience may be the real way of business operation!