New Beacon Property-----2016 Wuhan City Property Service Satisfaction "Red List" Unit



  In 2016, the results of the Wuhan Property Service Quality Satisfaction Evaluation were released. The city's property service quality satisfaction evaluation covered 1,808 residential quarters, involving 959 property service companies. The Municipal Housing Management Bureau introduced a third-party evaluation agency to conduct household surveys, with 140,000 The owners of the households scored and selected the "red and black list" of the property.

  The Kaixuan Mingdi Community of New Beacon Property Service Center won the 16th place in the "Red List" of Wuchang District, Wuhan City in this evaluation.

  New Beacon Properties wholeheartedly provides hotel-style property management services for various management projects, so that customers can enjoy high-quality services.

  New Beacon Property has been working hard, wholeheartedly and caringly in its work, just in exchange for the happiness, warmth and sincerity of all customers and owners.