Voyage of youth, chasing dreams without fear, iron army team, creating brilliance ——Remember the spring expansion of New Beacon Property Shennongjia in 2017



  On March 10, 2017, 24 people from the management team of New Beacon Property Company went to Shennongjia to carry out spring expansion activities. The expansion activities were hiking in the wild, and 24 eager hearts opened the starting point of the adventure journey---Guanmen Mountain. The altitude is about 1200, and the destination is located in Muyu Town, Shenlongjia. It is a big challenge for all participants. The terrain is steep on the way, and the road is complicated. Only by relying on teamwork can we overcome the difficulties. Teammates help each other, support each other, Understanding and encouraging each other, after 18 kilometers, two days of trekking through mountains and rivers, we reached the finish line with all kinds of difficulties and dangers.

  Looking back on this journey, it is full of gains and insights. When talking about the experience on the way, it is full of joy and laughter.

  The New Beacon Property Iron Army team, everyone understands and cherishes each other, builds team trust and deep affection, and builds a brilliant career blueprint together!