The unveiling ceremony of Jiuzhou Vision Business, Tourism and Culture Development Co., Ltd.



  At 9:30 am on March 7, 2017, the unveiling ceremony of Jiuzhou Envision Business and Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (referred to as Jiuzhou Vision Business and Tourism) was held on the 8F of New Times Business Center, Wuchang District, Wuhan City. Mr. Tan Xiaoguang, Vice President of New Beacon Group, Director and CEO of New Beacon Business Travel and Culture Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Business Travel and Culture Holdings), and Mr. Zhao Runtao, CEO of Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel and Culture, attended the unveiling ceremony.

  At the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Tan Xiaoguang, CEO of Business Travel Culture Holdings, delivered an important speech. He said that the establishment of Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Culture is an inevitable change for New Beacon Group under the new situation of marketization and internationalization, and it conforms to the strategic transformation of the enterprise and its future. The needs of business development entrust the group's hope for the company's rapid development under the new situation (complete listing within five years, and become a leading enterprise in the domestic retail commercial real estate, business, tourism and cultural industries).

  Afterwards, Mr. Zhao Runtao, CEO of Jiuzhou Envision Business Travel Culture, delivered an important speech. He said that the establishment of the new company is a combination of the New Beacon Group Commercial Division, the National Chamber of Commerce, Tokyu Business Management, DSM Business Management and the original Jiuzhou Vision Business The integration of manpower and resources of the five teams of the management agency is a major development of the platform. And encouraged all employees to fulfill their duties, forge ahead in unity, seize opportunities, meet challenges, and work together to complete the company's five-year listing strategic goal.

  In the end, with the applause of all employees of Jiuzhou Vision Business Tourism, the executives jointly unveiled the new company. At this moment, a new chapter of development of Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel Culture has opened. In the future, all the employees of the company will sincerely unite, work hard to develop, and use wisdom and diligence to achieve the great goal of listing within five years!