2017 New Beacon Hotel Group Annual Meeting Ceremony - Glory of Light, Voyage of Youth



  Glory of Light Youth Voyage

  Awards Ceremony New Year's Party

  Time flies, youth blooms here, years change, and dreams are still bright. On the afternoon of January 16, 2017, the annual meeting of New Beacon Hotel Group was grandly held at New Beacon Luguang International Hotel. Company leaders and employees gathered together to spend the party together. .

  Chairman Wu Bin delivering a speech

  The chairman affirmed the gratifying achievements of the group in 2016, and gave full affirmation and encouragement to the efforts and contributions of various departments of the company.

  At the same time, the company also proposed a new strategic plan for the company in 2017, which should adhere to the road of innovation, constantly innovate and break through itself on the road of growth. Finally, Mr. Wu Bin, the chairman of the board, delivered a New Year congratulations.

  Chairman Wu Bin: I wish everyone a happy new year, good health and all the best.

  Outstanding Managers and Staff Commendation

  The outstanding employees, managers and excellent teams in 2016 received the commendation and encouragement from the company. They received not only flowers and honors, but also high respect from all colleagues.

  Wonderful BOSS show

  This year, the BOSS show was launched for the first time. The colleagues on the catwalk attracted the attention of the audience through their actions, costumes and other personality displays. Different catwalk styles and different charms pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

  Synchronized live webcast of the annual meeting

  For colleagues who cannot come to the scene due to work reasons and limited on-site seats, we have opened a live broadcast, so that you can feel the atmosphere of leverage even if you are not on site!

  Let the singing, applause and cheers rip through the venue all the time.

  The glorious 2016 has passed

  2017, full of hope and challenges, is quietly approaching.

  In the past year, we have smiled, faced difficulties, and gained

  Facing 2017, we are full of longing and passion

  Let us use our confidence and courage to strut together

  To write a brighter future.