Congratulations on the establishment of "Business Travel and Culture Holdings" and "Business Travel and Culture Development" companies



  On January 15, 2017, the inaugural meeting of "New Beacon Business Travel and Culture Holdings Co., Ltd." (referred to as Business Travel and Culture Holdings) and "Jiuzhou Vision Business Travel and Culture Development Co., Ltd." (referred to as Business Travel and Culture Development) was grandly held at New Beacon New Era Hotel convened. Mr. Zeng Guilin and Mr. Wang Jing, Co-Chairmen of Business Tourism Development; Mr. Tan Xiaoguang and Mr. Du Zhaohong, Directors; and Mr. Zhao Runtao, Director and CEO of Business Tourism Development attended the inaugural meeting; the inaugural meeting was presided over by Mr. Tan Xiaoguang.

  At the meeting, Chairman Zeng Guilin introduced the background of the establishment of the new company. The five teams of the Group's Commercial Division, China Federation of Commerce, Tokyu Commercial Management, DSM Commercial Management and Jiuzhou Vision were integrated into Jiuzhou Vision Business Tourism Development is the integration of human resources and resources, and it is also the development of the platform, and has placed expectations on the new company. Chairman Wang Jing shared five key words of the new company's value orientation: innovation, entrepreneurship, openness, result orientation and win-win.

  Next, Director Tan Xiaoguang announced the establishment of "Business Travel and Culture Holdings" and related personnel appointments, as well as the establishment of "Business Travel and Culture Development" and related personnel appointments. CEO Mr. Zhao Runtao announced the internal personnel appointment of "Business Tourism and Cultural Development". At the same time, Mr. Zhao made clear requirements for the new team's mentality construction, discipline, cohesion and learning ability. Mr. Zhao finally borrowed the "friend of time" New Year's Eve speech The clips in share the topic of "self-discipline" with you.

  After Yang Na, Director of Member Marketing Center, gave a brief speech on behalf of the employees, the heads of various departments of the Business Tourism Development Company came to the stage to express their positions one by one, and promised to work together to create greater glories!

  Flowers and thorns coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist. On the new journey, the new business management colleagues will fight side by side and strive for ideals.