New Beacon Group has signed a contract with!



  On December 20th, the signing ceremony was grandly held in Wuhan. The chairman of New Beacon Group, the director of's key account department in Central China, the director of marketing activities of's key account department, the honorary chairman of Jingzhou Chamber of Commerce in Wuhan City Circle and the Wuhan prefecture-level city chamber of commerce alliance The secretary-general led the presidents and secretary-generals of several chambers of commerce in Hubei Province to attend the event and hold a signing ceremony. This is another practice in which the service of the chamber of commerce radiates nationwide after the "Beijing Business Plan" was officially released and signed with a well-known national chamber of commerce on December 6. As a brand-new model of's business purchasing and chamber of commerce cooperation, the "Jingshang Plan" will have a huge influence in central China.

  In recent years, with the development of the domestic economy, the chambers of commerce in various parts of the country have become increasingly mature in terms of scale, strength, and operation mode, and their social radiation and influence are increasing day by day. The chamber of commerce, as an indispensable link in realizing the optimal allocation of resources, has become an important link between the government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, and enterprises and society.

  New Beacon Group has been operating for 23 years, from serving boutique business travel life to serving the modern life of the public, vigorously developing residential life (real estate development), consumer entertainment life (commercial operation), boutique business travel life (hotel Operation), education life (education service), healthy life (healthy life management), consumer finance life (consumer finance) six major life industries.

  In the context of the Internet era, sharing, openness, and innovation have become the key words for enterprises to seek development. Based on this, New Beacon Group participates in the "Beijing Business Plan" to provide enterprises with exclusive services and establish a new model of win-win cooperation. Through the comprehensive resources of finance, logistics, cloud computing, crowdfunding, etc. integrated by, it will exert its social influence, enhance its brand image, establish a long-term "win-win" relationship, and jointly create a benign development ecosystem.

  The signing of the Jingdong Enterprise Purchase with the Central China Chamber of Commerce is an important step for the "Jingshang Plan" to radiate across the country. At present, the resources of the chamber of commerce are getting stronger and stronger, and the number of corporate customers exceeds one million. The opening and sharing of resources between the two sides will surely generate huge opportunities for economic development, and there will be a lot of space and potential for cooperation in the future.

  As Qiu Xinggang, Director of Central China,'s Key Account Department, said: "Through the 'Jingshang Plan', both parties have realized a cooperation model centered on corporate procurement business, radiating out in various forms, and directly reaching the needs of enterprises in the Chamber of Commerce. Economic development and changes in procurement models have had a huge positive impact."