2016 New Beacon Hotel Group Mooncake Commendation Conference and Work Deployment Conference



  On the afternoon of November 25, 2016, New Beacon Hotel Group held the "2016 Mooncake Sales Summary Commendation and Work Deployment Conference" in the Diamond Hall on the 4th floor of Luguang International Hotel. and individuals to commend them, and review and summarize the highlights of mooncake sales.

  Zhou Yu, deputy general manager of the hotel group, presided over the commendation meeting, and Ji Xiaodong, general manager of the hotel group, attended and delivered a speech. Mr. Ji first warmly congratulated the commended advanced departments and individuals, and reviewed the mooncake sales work in 2016. Encourage everyone to take the advanced as an example, learn the advanced, strive to be the advanced, strive to achieve yourself, and make contributions to the hotel.

  Regarding the work of the previous year, President Ji emphasized that it is necessary to carefully analyze and study the market, change business ideas in a timely manner, adhere to customer satisfaction as the center, market operation as the guide, timely adjust the positioning of customer source markets and marketing strategies, and establish market awareness and quality awareness. , cost awareness, safety awareness.

  President Ji requested to strengthen team building, strengthen employee training, improve service quality, focus on cost control, expand sales market, upgrade service products, effectively promote product innovation and combination, etc., expand business channels, and continue to build New Beacon’s Brand influence, comprehensively consolidate and improve the management quality, operation quality and service quality of the hotel. To present the company's 24th anniversary with excellent results.