New Beacon Town (Phase II) - Groundbreaking Ceremony of Huangzhou Academy



  At 10:00 on the morning of November 29, 2016, the second phase of Huanggang Academy of New Beacon Town, a real estate project under the New Beacon Group, held a groundbreaking ceremony at the New Beacon Town Project Base on Huangzhou Avenue, Huangzhou District, Huanggang City; Vice President of the Group Leaders such as Mr. Wang Jiaming, Mr. Peng Binbin, General Manager of Operation Management Center, Mr. Dong Yinlu, General Manager of Operation Planning Center, and Chairman Zhang Rui of Huanggang Project attended the ceremony respectively; New Beacon Town, as a key investment attraction project in Huanggang City, was held in Huangzhou The foundation stone laying ceremony marks that another major project in Huanggang City has entered the substantive construction stage.

  Huangzhou Academy is another important humanistic and noble complex built by New Beacon Group in Huanggang following New Beacon Walden Hotel and New Beacon Grand Avenue Commercial Street. It is adjacent to the project hotel and will be developed with the company in the early stage. The hotel and commercial street together form a dazzling and poetic New Beacon town by the lakeside, which integrates humanities, vacations, business travel, shopping, sports and health care.

  The Huangzhou Academy has a construction area of ​​about 250,000 square meters and consists of a large shopping plaza, a theme leisure shopping street, and a low-density cultural residential area. New Beacon Group focuses on highlighting the cultural highlights of the project in the construction of the project, and displays the 1500-year-old Dongpo culture, archway landscape and humanities of Huangzhou in the project. Implanted or provided by project owners, health care, smart five-star housekeeper, education and other services; large international supermarkets, sports and leisure plazas, as well as super giant screens and large movie theaters will be introduced into the shopping plaza, which is in line with Huanggang’s efforts to build a livable ecological city and The strategic goals of the cultural and educational city are highly consistent. After the completion of New Beacon Town, it will further prosper and activate Huanggang's economy, enhance industrial competitiveness, and provide new carriers and expand new space for the development of high-end commerce and high-end service industries.