[New Beacon Welfare] Health in winter, Yuanjingtang health tour lectures into the group



  Yuanjingtang TCM has always been adhering to the TCM diagnosis and treatment concept of "prevention before disease, internal adjustment and external treatment, and combination of treatment and maintenance", spread TCM culture, pay attention to TCM health care, and escort your health!

  The prevention and treatment of winter diseases is at the right time, Yuanjingtang TCM will teach you to survive the winter safely!

  Yuanjingtang, as a traditional Chinese medicine health management organization under the New Beacon Group, has the responsibility to care for the health of the employees of the New Beacon Group at all times. At the same time, to thank the leaders and colleagues of the New Beacon Group for their support and love to Yuanjingtang , specially launched a series of health activities such as "Winter Health Lectures", "Famous and Old Experts' Consultation", "Winter Tonic Cream Recipe Trial" and other health activities in this winter. At present, Yuanjingtang health activities have officially entered the group's internal health tour lectures. Ongoing...

  On the morning of December 9, Yuanjingtang brought winter health and wellness lectures, consultations with famous experts, and on-site pain problem solving activities to the employees of the group, which were warmly welcomed by the employees of the group and attracted many employees to actively participate.

  In winter, various physiological indicators of people are in a relatively low state, and their resistance and immunity have declined. Therefore, many people are prone to diseases in winter, old diseases recur, and some common diseases also tend to aggravate in winter. How can we do a good job of preventing and staying healthy during the winter? From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, winter is the season of warming and nourishing health. In winter, you must not ignore your body, but you should actively maintain your health, so that your body will get better and better.

  Famous old experts sit for consultation

  Yuanjingtang brings together famous and old Chinese medicine experts from all over the country, and famous and old experts in internal medicine, gynecology, andrology, dermatology and other disciplines come to the clinic in person. This time, Professor Zhang Yizhi, Physician Ye Yonghong, Technical Director Zhang Zhenjing and many other famous and old experts came to provide one-on-one consultation for everyone, understand physical health status, accurately analyze intractable diseases, formulate rehabilitation plans, and provide life guidance.

  Although there are many common diseases in winter, as long as daily health care measures are taken, diseases will not come to you. Winter disease prevention is the "magic oil" to improve physical fitness, so this winter, I hope everyone can actively participate in our activities, learn to maintain scientific health, protect the body from diseases, and maintain a healthy body.

  Is it a pity to miss such a powerful expert and such a high-quality lecture?

  Don't worry, the health month has just started, and the free lectures are still going on...