Come with honor, glory is in full bloom | New Beacon International Community launched a complete success yesterday, and the small apartment was liquidated!



  On November 24, 2016, at 18:00, a large number of home buyers braved the cold wave to come to the sales hall of New Beacon International Community.

  At 19:00 on the third floor of the sales department, after a warm check-in, lottery, house selection, house purchase and other procedures, the last opening and promotion of New Beacon International Community in November was a complete success. In less than 2 hours after the opening, 304 units were available and 284 units were sold, and the small units were sold out.

  After the implementation of housing purchase restrictions and loan restrictions in some areas of Wuhan, the sales of New Beacon International Community Projects are as hot as ever. More exciting New Beacon international community, so stay tuned!