The 2016 New Beacon Walden Hotel should know and should know the knowledge contest ended successfully!



  On October 29, 2016, the first knowledge contest of the New Beacon Walden Hotel came to an end. The competition consists of five parts: compulsory questions, rush questions, on-site interactive questions, risk questions, and on-site extra-competition questions. Representatives from the Sales Department, Front Office Department, Guest Room Department, Catering Department, Personnel Department, Finance Department, Recreation Department, Engineering Department, and Security Department will participate in the competition.

  During the competition, the teams and players fully carried forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, and the tacit cooperation of teammates. After several rounds of answering questions, especially the answering questions, it was intense and tense. The whole knowledge and skills competition presented a New Beacon for everyone. The wonderful knowledge and learning style of the hotel staff.

  Match Results

  First place: Cai Rui from the Sales Department, Yang Mingxia from the Personnel Department, and Fang Man from the Finance Department

  Second place: Wang Fan from the Front Office, Yang Qing from the Front Office, Peng Juan from the Front Office, Zou Lei from the Food and Beverage Department, Xiong Li from the Food and Beverage Department, and Wang Yuan from the Food and Beverage Department

  Third place: Wang Shuwan from the Housekeeping Department, Kong Yin from the Housekeeping Department, Wang Ting from the Housekeeping Department, Liu Fan from the Recreation Department, Huang Lei from the Engineering Department, and Xiong Fen from the Security Department

  This competition not only expands employees' thinking, but also lays a foundation for employees to provide personalized services to guests. All positions should also be based on the content of what should be known and should be learned, continue to maintain enthusiasm for learning, expand the scope of learning, and fully reflect the service tenet of "exceeding your expectations".