The 2016 hotel management company badminton competition ended successfully



  On October 29, 2016, the autumn badminton match of New Beacon Hotel Management Co., Ltd. came to an end in Wuchang Jindi Green Badminton Hall. The competition consists of five events: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles. Nearly 100 people from the hotel management company and its hotels, Xingjudian Company and Xianglai Company participated in the competition through selection.

  Men's Singles Champion Luguangdian Gao Shengbo

  Men's Singles Runner-up Lu Guangdian Lin Jinghao

  Men's Singles Third Runner-up Optics Valley Store Du Yu

  Women's Singles Champion Jinyinhu Store Zhou Yan

  Women's Singles Runner-up Jinyinhu Store Du Juan

  Men's Doubles Champion Luguangdian Gao Shengbo/Lin Jinghao

  Men's Doubles Runner-up Company Headquarters Yu Tao / Luo Yongheng

  Men's Doubles Third Runner-up Huanggang Store Zhu Jie/Gao Kui

  Women's Doubles Champion Jinyinhu Store Zhou Yan/Ma Yan

  Women's Doubles Runner-up Jinyinhu Store Du Juan/Chen Qiuping

  Women's Doubles Third Runner-up Lu Guangdian Jiao Lizhi/Tong Qianyi

  Mixed Doubles Champion Company Headquarters Yu Tao / Xia Hong

  Mixed Doubles Runner-up New Era Store Tian Sishi / Xiao Yingpeng

  Mixed Doubles 3rd Runner-up Optics Valley Store Du Yu/Wang Yafan