Dahanyang's rapid rise is boosted by New Beacon!



  Hanyang has left a beautiful legend of high mountains and flowing water meeting bosom friends, writing the splendor of Hanyang. As an important pole of the three towns and three cities, the great changes in Hanyang are obvious to all. Recently, the "Speed ​​Up - Greater Hanyang Regional Development Forum" jointly organized by the Hanyang District People's Government and Chutian Metropolis Daily was successfully held. Many government leaders and industry experts came forward to analyze the development status of Hanyang in depth. They believe that in the next five to ten years Time, Hanyang will be the most promising potential area in Wuhan. Among them, three key factors have contributed to the rise of Hanyang!

  The development of Hanyang has entered the expressway, and the regional value depression is highlighted

  Three subways, three ring lines, three bridges on the Yangtze River, and four bridges on the Han River have been built one after another. The urban construction and economic development of Hanyang has reached a new level every year. At the end of this year, the first phase of the rail transit line 6 connecting Hankou and Hanyang will also be open to traffic, which will seamlessly connect with Metro Lines 3 and 4; in June, the Hanyang Avenue Viaduct was officially opened to traffic, the first in Wuhan Trial operation of the tram.

  The development of the Hanyang property market directly reflects the speed-up of the regional economy. Data from the Central China Branch of the China Index Research Institute shows that since the beginning of this year, Hanyang's residential sales have ranked second in Wuhan. For every eight suites sold in Wuhan, there is a set of "Made in Hanyang", and many well-known real estate companies are rushing to enter. It is predicted that in the next 3-5 years, the demand for real estate investment and self-occupation in Hanyang will be fully detonated, becoming the hottest development area in Wuhan.

  Different from the booming development and construction, the average property market price in Hanyang area is still in a depression, and there is huge room for real estate appreciation. With the gradual improvement of transportation, commercial and other supporting facilities, the regional value of Dahanyang area continues to rise. Among them, New Beacon, as a local leading real estate company, follows the general trend of vigorous development in the region, and strives to build Hanyang landmark-level projects, leading the overall rise of value depressions.

  The basic supporting facilities have been upgraded in an all-round way, and the living life has become superior.

  New Beacon has witnessed the rise of a brand new Hanyang and the rapid development of Hanyang's residential life. In terms of business, in addition to the Zhongjiacun business district and the Wangjiawan business district, commercial development in Hanyang has blossomed everywhere.

  From Jingkaiwan to AEON, from Wulitun business district to French Auchan, all kinds of large-scale businesses are located all over Hanyang, which not only meets the shopping needs of Hanyang people, but also attracts Hankou and Wuchang citizens to come and buy; In terms of educational support, a number of excellent schools such as the primary school affiliated to China Normal University and the foreign language school have settled in Hanyang to accelerate the pace of regional education development.

  In addition, under the promotion of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Taikang Life Insurance plans to invest 3 billion yuan to locate in the Four New Development Zones of Hanyang District, and cooperate with Tongji Hospital to introduce the resources of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, which ranks first in the United States, to build a top-level hospital in Central China. The high-end tertiary general hospital has greatly improved the medical support level of Hanyang.

  New Beacon to build Hanyang landmark - Han City central metropolitan area

  Not only witnessing the rise of Hanyang, but also boosting the rise of Hanyang! New Beacon, a modern life operator, a well-known trademark in China, one of the top 100 real estate companies in China, and one of the top 30 commercial real estate companies in China, integrates six major life industries and global advantageous resources to create a masterpiece—the 2 million-square-meter Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area. Wuhan New Life era.

  As a key project in Hubei Province, Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area is located in the core of Wangjiawan, Hanyang, including 1.3 million square meters of residential and 700,000 square meters of business. The never-ending tide holy land, the joyous area that synchronizes with the world.

  It can be said that the central metropolitan area of ​​Han City is a powerful magnetic field, which will integrate various resources of the city; it will also be an open communication center, continuously exchanging its own resources with the city; it is also a core, influencing even can drive the development of the whole city. This is the unique urban spirit of Han City Central Metropolitan Area - "integration, exchange and influence", and it is also a new real estate model and regional development model created and created by New Beacon, which is a symbiosis of resources, aggregation and value-added. From now on, the high-quality life dream of Hanyang people will be presented wonderfully!