The provincial research team visited the New Beacon·Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area to investigate the progress of the project



  On the morning of June 2, the Provincial Research and Evaluation Team, the Organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee, district leaders and leaders of relevant departments visited the New Beacon Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area project and its overall progress. As a provincial key construction project, the Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area project has always been the focus of provincial and municipal leaders.

  This survey focused on the overall progress of the Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area, the specific image progress of the project and the completion of the annual planned investment. Chen Shanghua, the general manager of the project company, was in charge of the whole process of the inspection and reception, and made a detailed report to the leaders of the research team on the overall project planning and construction progress of the central metropolitan area. Diversification, personalization and quality of consumer demand, integrating residential life (real estate), consumption and entertainment life (business), boutique business travel life (hotel), educational life (education), healthy life (health), investment and financial life ( Financial services) six major life industries, build a modern life ecosystem, give full play to the characteristics of value compounding, and strongly absorb urban business, office, business, landscape, leisure, and residential resources, providing a platform for the urban industrial economy to gather and exchange, with The compound effect has brought considerable growth to individual industries; echoing the mutual satisfaction between architecture and people, space and life, the more humanized "life complex" in Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area not only improves the quality of life of residents, but also promotes consumption growth , opened a new economic development model in Wuhan.

  Afterwards, accompanied by the on-site staff, the leaders and members of the research and evaluation team visited the New Beacon Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area Modern Life Experience Center, and watched the CMD planning of Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area, the lifestyle of the modern life circle 3D display of the planning effect of various business formats, and interactive experience of intelligent roaming in commercial blocks. In addition, a site survey was conducted on the K3, K4, K5, K7, and K1 plots in the central metropolitan area.

  After the inspection work was completed, the leaders of the research team highly affirmed the overall planning of the Central Metropolitan Area, and praised the achievements of the Central Metropolitan Area at this stage. comments and suggestions.