New Beacon City modern life circle grand release



  Jack Ma said: Catering to the needs of consumers is the best direction. New Beacon takes the vision of a better life as the starting point, including the diversification, personalization and quality of modern consumer demand, and the New Beacon Group has transformed and upgraded its strategy.

  As the only modern life operator in Hubei, "Han City Modern Life Circle" was grandly released on May 7th. Mr. Zhang Jinmiao, Departmental Inspector of Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Mr. Xia Haifeng, Vice President of Hubei Trademark Association, Mr. Hu Chao, President of Central China Branch of China Index Research Institute, Mr. Greg Fowler, Senior Planning and Design Director of RTKL Corporation Asia Pacific, etc. Heavyweight guests, including nearly 30 New Beacon strategic brand merchants such as Yum! The media attended the press conference and witnessed the release of the modern life circle of New Beacon City.

  The domestic heavyweight organization awarded the honorary plate to New Beacon

  New Beacon has continued the ideal and mission of improving the quality of life in modern cities for many years. From integrating resources to operating life, it has more than 20 wholly-owned and holding (partnership) subsidiaries, nearly 3 million square meters of real estate and total commercial real estate development. The volume, more than 20 middle and high-end chain hotels, dozens of chain fashion restaurants and entertainment KTVs, more than 30 chain preschool education institutions and 1 art center have laid a good foundation for the operation of modern urban life.

  At the press conference, New Beacon was officially awarded the "China Famous Trademark", and was once again ranked among the top 100 real estate companies in China and the top 30 commercial real estate companies. Taking advantage of its business management company with top international and domestic business cooperation resources - China Chamber of Commerce, New Beacon divides its commercial product lines into Newcomer Square, Newcomer Club, Newcomer Dream Times, Newcomer City, Newcomer Port and Newcomer Town, and strives to integrate its six major living industries and global resources to provide impetus to lay a solid foundation for the modern life circle of Han City.

  American RTKL company unveiled the Han city modern life circle on site

  With the upgrading of modern economy and consumption, consumption tends to be diversified, personalized and high-quality. New Beacon keeps up with the development of the times, comprehensively upgrades, and integrates residential life (real estate), consumption and entertainment life (commercial), boutique business travel life ( Hotel), education life (education), healthy life (health), investment and financial life (financial service) six major life industries, to build a modern life ecosystem. And take Wangjiawan as the core area to create a "Han city modern life circle", the whole life circle covers 5 plots, and the business formats include star-rated hotels, grade-A office buildings, large shopping malls, block blocks, children's theme parks, health management Centers, etc., to form a regional-level commercial core area with life service formats as the mainstay. New Youth Life Center: Integrate domestic, international, fashion, and trendy business resources to create a fashion and trend center that meets the needs of young people's fashionable life, mainly focusing on fast-fashion mass consumption; Light luxury quality life center: Integrating multiple international front-line Light luxury brand, to become another fashionable and high-quality shopping center in Wuhan urban area; new family parent-child social experience center: introduce a children's theme park, focus on family parent-child service, and cooperate with the resources of the group's Wangsida educational institution to create an all-rounder Children's Art Training Center; Family Health Center: Based on the group's Weizhi Health Management Company, it has joined hands with many health institutions in Wuhan to build the first health management center in Wuhan with family health services as the core, and has become a centralized health care center in the Hanyang area. Service Center.

  The first demonstration area of ​​the modern life circle and the American moon debut

  The Tinglan Mansion in the first demonstration area and the commercial in the first demonstration area---Huanli·New Kefang came on the scene. At the press conference, New Beacon's Guoshanglian company also cooperated with Yum! Brands, Nike China, McDonald's, Carrefour, Gold Ease, Zhongbai, Gree and other domestic and foreign heavyweight brands have signed strategic cooperation agreements, and the modern life circle of Han City is just around the corner.

  5.7-6.5 Newcomer Life Festival will appear simultaneously in the United States. The American music festival, tailgate party, Sleepless Movie, bicycle race, brand exhibition, Disney fantasy, etc., Han City Newcomer Experience Center (intersection of Yongfeng Road, Hanyang Avenue) is missing. Don't leave!