The countdown to the carnival, the 2016 Newcomer Life Festival · American Month Fun is wonderful!



  The footsteps of summer are getting closer, the air is filled with joy, and the mood is brighter. In this sunny and sunny May day, come to the "America Tour" with your family and friends! From May 7th to June 5th, visit the New Beacon City Newcomer Experience Center and join 2016 Newcomer Life Festival·America Month's exciting activities, enjoy the carnival that lasts for one month, three exciting highlights, and nine major brands to help out and enjoy!

  Highlight 1:

  The stars shine, and the "Eagle and Rose" American Music Festival kicks off

  The music festival specially invited the Jazz Shanghai Music Festival American exchange band to perform live, American female singer Denise Mininfield and the band Mixx Company, the internationally renowned jazz and funk band Boyana "4 in 1", Latin American jazz master Tinho Pereira and the band Tinho Pereira and Band, "Chinese Good Songs" Yuquan Group-Direction Band, etc., the stars gather together, bringing unparalleled audio-visual enjoyment! When night falls, you can also join the most famous tailgate party in the United States, blowing the evening breeze, while tasting BBQ while enjoying American blockbuster, feel the authentic American style!

  Highlight two:

  Childlike innocence, a wonderful Disney journey for the whole family

  When it comes to Disney, there must be wonderful memories for both older and younger children. The clever Mickey Mouse, the cute Donald Duck, and the cute Winnie the Pooh all make people laugh. Disney's big characters are about to appear at the event site of the American Month, coloring contest, hand-painted T-shirts, cartoon origami... The interaction is non-stop, as well as the June 1st performance brought by Wangsda Kindergarten, Disney's summer Newcomer exclusive tour, three For a day and two nights tour, stay at Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Theme Hotel for 1 night + Hong Kong five-star hotel Ruxin Seaview for 1 night, give you star-like courtesy!

  Highlight three:

  Cycling competition, ten thousand yuan riding equipment is waiting for you

  "I Want You! Trek" Newcomer Cycling Race will be held on May 7th and June 5th! Trek Cycling, as a world-renowned bicycle brand, provides cycling fans around the world with the best bicycles in the world, bringing superlative The extraordinary riding experience is of great value! You can choose to participate in the riding platform challenge, or join the three-wheeled children's bike competition to win Trek bikes worth 10,000 yuan and a variety of rich riding equipment, and start a wonderful life again !  ​​

  2016 New Beacon Han City brand conference, the opening of Han City life circle

  Wangjiawan, on the banks of the Han River, Tinglan Mansion is the first plot of the Han city modern life circle, and it will unveil the prelude to the modern lifestyle of New Beacon. Tinglan Mansion enjoys the dual landscape of Hanjiang Park, Wuhan No. 3 Middle School and Wangsida Kindergarten, as well as five-star hotel-style property services, and Yuanjingtang's exclusive health butler service. The building area is about 87-129 square meters [Tinglan Mansion], 5,000 to 30,000, VIP hot application!

  The first commercial launch in the Central Metropolitan Area - New Kefang, the center of Wangjiawan business district, and the top of Wangjiawan Metro Line 3/4. With the theme of creative life, dining, retail and home furnishing, it integrates shopping, dining, entertainment and leisure. All in one, from 30 square meters to the street prosperous shop, 5-8 years of rent back, 50,000 enjoy 3% discount! Get a 100 yuan fuel card when you sign up!

  Event time: 2016.5.7-6.5

  Venue: Newcomer Life Experience Center in Han City