2016 New Beacon Brand Conference is about to open



  016 New Beacon brand conference will be held on May 7 at the Han City project marketing center. This release not only shows the brand strength of New Beacon "modern life operator", but also unveils the Han City modern life circle. The prelude to the event has attracted the attention of the real estate industry, the media industry and celebrities and dignitaries from all walks of life.

  Modern life operator, New Beacon brand has transformed perfectly

  New Beacon Group has worked hard for 23 years and has won many honors. "China Famous Trademark", "Top 100 Urban Operators in China", "Top 100 Real Estate Companies in China" and many other honors show the strong strength of "New Beacon Modern Life Operator". In addition, New Beacon Group has won the honor of "Top 30 Commercial Real Estate". As a professional business operation management company under New Beacon, China Federation of Commerce currently has an area of ​​more than 1 million square meters for investment and operation management, and will fully operate six New Beacon commercial product lines: New Beacon, New Beacon, New Beacon Times, Newcomer City, Newcomer Port and Newcomer Town provide solid backing for the "Han City Modern Life Circle".

  Integrating the advantages of six major industries, the Han City modern life circle opens

  New Beacon Group integrates the advantages of its six major life industries, takes Wangjiawan as the core area, creates a "Han city modern life circle", and forms a regional-level commercial core area with life service formats as the main form.

  The K3 plot is positioned as a new youth life center, creating a fashionable and trendy center for young people, covering large shopping malls, Grade A office buildings, star-rated hotels, SOHO apartments, etc.; K4 plot is positioned as a light luxury quality life center, integrating international first-line Light luxury brand; K5 plot is positioned as a new family parent-child social experience center, with family parent-child service as the core. The K6 plot is positioned as a family health center. Based on the group's Weizhi Health Management Company, it will build the first health management center in Wuhan.

  Five-star health mansion, opening the secret realm of urban life

  Han City Metropolitan Center·Tinglan Mansion is located in Wangjiawan, on the banks of the Han River, at the intersection of the city's main road, Qintai Avenue and Heshan Road. Enjoy the high-quality educational resources of Wuhan No. 3 Middle School and Wangsida Kindergarten, as well as New Beacon’s five-star golden key butler hotel-style property service, as well as the exclusive health butler service of Yuanjingtang. The building area is about 87-129 square meters, 5,000 to 30,000, and VIP applications are hot! From 30㎡, you can enjoy 30% discount for 50,000 shops facing the street!

  The first commercial "New Kefang", the neighborhood style street in the metropolitan area

  The first commercial business in the central metropolitan area, New Kefang, is located in the center of the Wangjiawan business district, and is covered by Metro Line 3/4. It will be directly connected to the transformed Hanshang in the 21st century, and there is huge room for investment appreciation. New Kefang is positioned as a unique style neighborhood, differentiated to meet the different needs of consumers, with creative life, catering, retail and home as the theme, integrating shopping, catering, entertainment and leisure, realizing layers of prosperous streets and prosperous shops . Prosperous shops facing the street from 30 square meters, 5-8 years to rent back, 50,000 enjoy 30% off!