The five major hotels have joined forces, and the most reliable hotel alliance in China is finally here!



  On March 19, 2016, the new company of China Hotel Alliance, jointly funded by Huatian, Kaiyuan, New Beacon, Shuguang, Guangdong and other hotel groups, was formally established. At the same time, the first shareholders meeting was held in Hunan Huatian Hotel. The "Investment Agreement" and the "Articles of Association" were signed at the meeting, and the company's executive directors, members of the supervisory committee and general manager were elected. The convening of this meeting means that the prelude to the corporatization and independent operation of the China Hotel Alliance has officially opened, and a new era of the hotel alliance has been fully opened.

  The preparation process of the hotel alliance

  On July 6, 2015, China Hotel Alliance was established in Beijing Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. It innovatively proposed an independent operation platform of the alliance body, carried out in-depth cooperation in the two aspects of member sharing and joint reservation, and provided all members with a full range of online services. next service.

  On September 9, the importance of matching rules for members of major groups, operating models of independent companies, scale and technology platforms to the development of the alliance was determined.

  On September 29, it reviewed and approved a series of important issues related to the alliance operation business plan and operation mode, and signed a strategic cooperation with Ali Travel.

  On December 18, the "Investment Agreement" and the "Articles of Association" were reviewed and approved, and the profit forecast for the alliance platform was made.

  The resolution of the new company's shareholders meeting

  The meeting formally established the shareholders' meeting of the new alliance body, and elected Mr. Chen Miaoqiang as the company's executive director, Mr. Ji Xiaodong as the company's chairman of the board of supervisors, Mr. Wang Wei and Mr. Xia Jianchun as the company's supervisors, and Mr. Cheng Hao as the secretary-general of the shareholders' meeting. Mr. Fu Quanyong served as the general manager of the company, and signed the "Investment Agreement" and "Articles of Association" on the spot.

  Mr. Chen Miaoqiang, the executive director of the new company, released the development strategy of the alliance body, and clarified that the alliance body will take traditional hotels + mobile Internet as the operation idea, give full play to the resource advantages of offline customer traffic of physical hotels, share the customer resources of alliance body members, and create online shopping malls. Online and offline membership value service platform.

  Mr. Fu Quanyong, general manager of the new company, introduced the implementation work plan of the alliance in the next two years, including the organizational structure design of the new company, the company's team building and recruitment plan, the work content of each business segment of the company, the operation and development plan of the alliance, revenue goals, and membership value. Service platform construction plan and cloud PMS technology basic platform promotion schedule.

  The future of the alliance

  China Hotel Alliance is the first alliance that is jointly funded by major hotel groups to form a third-party platform for independent corporate operation, which will have a profound impact on the development of China's hotel industry.

  The alliance plans to develop more than 50 mid-to-high-end hotel groups within 3 years, with more than 1,500 hotels and more than 50 million members, and actively help small and medium-sized hotel groups or individual hotels to build and improve membership platforms and marketing systems.