New Beacon New Era International Hotel is listed in the TOP10 list in Wuhan



  According to the Hotel Public Opinion Index (MCI), among the TOP10 hotels in Wuhan in January, as a domestic high-end hotel, New Beacon New Era International Hotel Wuhan was included in the TOP10 list in Wuhan. The complete word-of-mouth analysis is as follows.

  1. Analysis of TOP10 Hotels

  According to the Maidian Regional Hotel Public Opinion Index (MCI), Huihao Hotel was the most eye-catching among the top 10 hotels in Wuhan in January, jumping from the 49th to the fourth place, while the first place was still New World Hotel. The specific list analysis is as follows:

  TOP10 Wuhan Marco Polo Hotel

  The hotel is close to the riverside, and it is convenient to travel around. You can walk to visit the memorial hall of the former residence nearby; the lobby is very stylishly decorated, the rooms are spacious and bright, the lighting is soft, and the household items are all available; the breakfast is relatively general, and there are few things to eat, but the Chinese restaurant The taste is good.

  TOP9 Wanda Reign Wuhan Hotel

  As a super five-star hotel in the mainland, the establishment of Wanda Reign has once again impressed hotel lovers with its charm; all the facilities in the hotel are extremely luxurious, the furniture in the guest rooms is extraordinary, and the massage chair is also a highlight , the bedding is both beautiful and practical; if there are friends from other places who come to Wuhan to watch the Han Show, then choosing Ruihua is the most sensible.

  TOP8 Wuhan New Beacon New Era International Hotel

  The hotel is close to the Yellow Crane Tower in Hubu Lane. There are subway stations around. It is very convenient to go to Wuhan University and Han Street. It is very suitable for business travel or tourism. The room layout is very good, the decoration style is good, and the mattress hardness is just right The sofa is quite long and suitable for family living; the hotel staff are warm and considerate and work hard.

  TOP7 Best Western Mayflower Hotel Wuhan

  Old-fashioned hotel, good location, there are many small breakfast shops around; although the facilities in the room are old, but there is a five-star atmosphere, the sofa is fresh in art color, and the green plants in the room are a bright spot; the hotel service efficiency needs to be further improved, check out Procedures often require waiting in line.

  TOP6 Wuhan Yangtze River Hotel

  The hotel has a certain history, so both in terms of appearance and internal facilities, it is a bit outdated; some facilities in the guest rooms are seriously aging, but the environment is still tidy, and the cleanliness of the bathroom is good. Although the hotel's hardware facilities are average, the staff are warm and sincere, and respond to the needs of guests in a timely manner.

  TOP5 Wuhan Asia Hotel

  In the early four-star hotel, the lobby is still beautiful, but the fragrance is a little strong; the hotel rooms are simply decorated, only have basic equipment and facilities, the sense of technology is not strong, and the beds are a bit small; the staff's service attitude is good, but the service level It needs to be further improved; breakfast is in the revolving restaurant on the top floor, the environment and food are better.

  TOP4 Wuhan Huihao Hotel

  The location of the hotel is really good, at the transfer point of Line 1 and Line 2, around Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street; the hotel environment is very good, the rooms are clean and tidy, spacious and bright, and the view from the window is wide; the room service personnel are very dedicated and work Be serious and responsible; there are duck neck shops around the hotel, where you can buy special products of Wuhan.

  TOP3 Wuhan Danfeng Bailu Hotel

  Because the surrounding roads are being built, it will feel a bit noisy in the hotel; the hotel's 24-hour system allows many guests to go out to play with peace of mind, the guest rooms are clean and bright, and the bathrooms are clean and hygienic; the staff service is warm and thoughtful; the quality of the breakfast is average, and individual ingredients are not fresh enough .

  TOP2 Wuhan Wanda Realm Hotel

  The location of the hotel is very convenient for transportation. It is next to Han Street. The various resources are really good. In terms of interior decoration, because the ceiling is very high, it feels very spacious. The rooms are spacious and bright, and the design is simple and extraordinary. Every piece of furniture has been carefully considered; the service of the hotel is also a highlight, and everything is for the sake of the guests.

  TOP1 Wuhan New World Hotel

  Very good location, if you want to do activities in Hankou, this is the center of the center, and it is very convenient to go anywhere; the hotel is relatively clean, the lobby is still atmospheric, and the facilities are relatively few; the room decoration style is popular, especially the bathroom The area is large and the design is user-friendly. The washbasin, toilet and shower are all separated, which is convenient to use; the hotel's service level is very high, from parking to room check-in, there is a dedicated service.

  2. Analysis of this month's public opinion index

  In January, among the top 10 hotels in Wuhan, domestic high-end hotels were mainly local old-fashioned hotels, accounting for 50%, international high-end hotels accounted for 40%, and full-service mid-range hotels accounted for 10%. In terms of distribution area, Wuchang District has the most hotels, reaching 4, and Qiaokou District and Jiang'an District each have 2 hotels.

  Judging from the overall data monitored by the Maidian Regional Hotel Public Opinion Index (MCI), the average MCI index of hotels in Wuhan in January was 26.18, an increase from the previous month, and the dimension of the comment index rose significantly. The fastest-rising hotel this month was Wuhan Huihao Hotel, which ranked 4th this month, up 45 places; the fastest-declining hotel was Wuhan Shangri-La Hotel, which ranked 19th this month, down 4 places.