Transforming into a modern life operator



  Transforming into a modern life operator

  On the morning of March 24, the "2016 China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises Research Results Conference" was held in Beijing by three research institutions, namely the Enterprise Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, the Real Estate Research Institute of Tsinghua University and the China Index Research Institute. The management level of commercial and residential development and the comprehensive strength of the enterprise have been improved.

  Since 2004, the research on China's top 100 real estate enterprises has been carried out for 13 consecutive years, which has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. The relevant research results have become an important criterion for judging the operating strength and industry status of real estate enterprises, and the top 100 enterprises have become the industry benchmark and strength. symbol of.

  2016 is the first year of the decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in the "13th Five-Year Plan". ” development concept, “Efforts to strengthen supply-side structural reform”.

  In this context, the "2016 China Top 100 Real Estate Enterprises Research" is based on the theme of "collaborative innovation, seeking progress while maintaining stability". Comprehensively and objectively evaluate the comprehensive strength of the company in all aspects, explore the outstanding real estate enterprise groups in the industry with strong comprehensive strength, great growth potential and stable operation, and lead the industry to achieve sustained and steady growth under the new situation.

  Diversified comprehensive strength enterprise

  New Beacon Group is an enterprise group engaged in diversified development. Its business scope covers six major business types, including real estate, commerce, hotel, education, health care and culture. "Cooperation" business philosophy, New Beacon Group adheres to the strategic thinking of diversified development, brand operation, professional management and people-oriented management, and constantly enriches "modern life" with high-quality rich content.

  Over the past 23 years, New Beacon Group has been committed to building a more convenient, more fashionable, healthier and more technological LOHAS city with the core concept of "operating modern life", with multi-dimensional professionalism and unique comprehensive vision! At present, the company owns a total development volume of nearly 3 million square meters, more than 20 medium and high-end chain hotels, dozens of chain fashion restaurants and entertainment KTVs, 17 chain preschool education institutions and 2 art centers. The number of employees has exceeded 5,000, including well-known brands such as Bingkai, Xingjudian, Handian 1911, Yingzhouxuan, Wangsda, and Yuanjingtang.

  Behind the numbers, it shows the development strategy of New Beacon as a practitioner of modern life operation: under the standard of innovation and high quality, it integrates and operates domestic and foreign advantageous resources around the life content of food, housing, travel, shopping and entertainment. , to achieve the corporate label of "Modern Life Operator" of New Beacon Group, and to open a new life mode of "New Life" created by New Beacon Group.

  Branding modern life operator

  The development of modern cities requires an organic combination of functions such as residence, office, business, travel, education, health care, shopping, cultural entertainment, social interaction, and recreation, and establishes a new value chain of urban life. and intensive needs, and form a life operation model that can continuously improve and innovate.

  The operation of modern life can only be realized through the carrier. Modern life operators need to cooperate closely with urban development. New Beacon has more than 20 high-end business chain hotels in operation in Hubei, Shanghai and other regions, and has accumulated rich experience in property services, talents and business management.

  As a well-known brand in Hubei Province, "New Beacon" has formed a corporate brand with its own characteristics and unique value through solid professional management experience and international vision, through the development strategy of chain operation and cost-effective product market competition strategy. On December 31, 2015, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce approved "New Beacon" to be officially awarded China's Famous Trademark, becoming the first well-known trademark in the service industry in Hubei Province.

  Since 2015, New Beacon Group has built a life content operation platform with the theme of New Beacon Group's "New Life" - Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area, which includes high-standard and high-quality life content. It has embarked on the road of self-innovation and self-development of the six major business sectors of the New Beacon Group, namely real estate, commerce, hotel, education, health care and culture.

  Regional sales champion to help the process of urbanization

  It is worth mentioning that, as a major project built by New Beacon, New Beacon Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area reflects the physical and hardware attributes of modern life operators and the soft functional service system in spiritual life, bringing together various The highest quality resources in the industry. Including the city's super-large single shopping center, the first domestic seven-star marriage and love theme hotel, landmark 5A intelligent office buildings, three-dimensional art style blocks, personalized fashion serviced apartments are all integrated here, becoming the benchmark for the quality of urban life , is the image window of the city to the outside world, and the living room of the city's development and exchange.

  Since its opening in the fourth quarter of 2014, the Han City international residential area developed by New Beacon has won market recognition with its brand and high cost performance. In 2015, it became the sales champion of Hanyang District with 2,205 sets of sales, ranking third in the city. The momentum continues unabated. So far, more than 800 units have been sold, making it one of the best-selling projects in Wuhan.

  Under the circumstance that the industry transformation emphasizes customer service level and satisfaction, New Beacon Group has accurately grasped the needs of customers and provided the ultimate life experience with years of business management and service experience, reflecting the characteristics and advantages of modern life service providers.

  In the future, New Beacon Group will make every effort to create a product line that shows modern life, and promote the construction of "three major living centers + living towns". Its six major industrial operation support systems should fully embrace the Internet, apply Internet thinking, and adopt the 020 marketing model. , and comprehensively create a product and service operation model that meets the needs of the modern consumer market.

  Strive to become a well-known industrial brand operating company with comprehensive advantages in their respective fields, and successfully achieve breakthroughs in the capital market. Bring more high-quality new lifestyles that belong to the city, change the city, and guide the city to the crowd!

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  New Beacon Group is led by modern life operators, integrates the characteristics and advantages of various business formats, establishes a complete modern life service ecosystem, and builds six well-known theme development, business operations, hotel operations, health management, education and training, financial services and so on. The industrial brand and operation sub-system of the company has successively created well-known brands such as "New Beacon" and "Wangstar", which strongly support and demonstrate the overall strategy and brand value of modern life operators. The Han City International Residential Area developed by it has become a benchmark project in the market, improving the appearance of the city and the development level of human settlements.