Wuhan New Beacon Group was awarded the top 100 city (town) operator enterprises in China



  On November 18, 2014, the 2014 First China City (Town) Operators Conference was successfully held at the Beijing National Convention Center. At the same time, the Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area Project under the Group won another honor after being awarded the "Model Project of Urban Operation and Management in China"!

  The high-profile 2014 Top 100 Chinese City (Town) Operators and the 2014 China Charming New Towns List are also newly released, among which Wuhan New Beacon Group, CITIC Real Estate, Wanda Group, OCT Group, China Fortune Land Development, Country Garden Group, and Vanke Group 100 industry representative enterprises are included in the top 100 list.

  At the meeting, we found that in the development wave of new urbanization, a group of cutting-edge enterprises with "industry-city integration" as the main development model emerged, which is also a major branch of city (town) operators, just like Ren Guogang's It is said that "the way of industrial operation promotes the industrial development of a city and region", such as China Fortune Land Development, Zhongnan Group, and Wuhan New Beacon Group are typical examples.

  However, in a typical case, the operation and development model of Wuhan New Beacon Group is different from that of other enterprises: a powerful enterprise composed of 5,000 people, the operation industry involves real estate development, commercial operation, hotel chain, chain of preschool education, and health management of traditional Chinese medicine. and six formats of culture and entertainment. The number of people who actually do traditional real estate development may be less than 10%, and the other 90% of employees are engaged in life operations and content in the real estate industry. This is precisely the difference between New Beacon Group and many real estate developers.

  【Project Information Introduction】

  New Beacon has been a modern life operator for 20 years!

  New Beacon Wuhan is the only star-rated life provider. A multi-wheel-driven development model will be formed with the six major industries of hotel, commerce, real estate, culture, preschool education and health care as the stable support. With 20 years of warmth and dedication, we will create a new way of life that belongs to the city and connects the city.

  The 2 million-square-meter central metropolitan area lights up Wuhan!

  In 2014, New Beacon's 20-year masterpiece, the 2 million-square-meter central metropolitan area debuted! Benchmarking the world's trendy places such as Tokyo's Shibuya District and London's Soho District! There are large shopping malls, fashionable commercial blocks, high-end cluster businesses, and trendy residential areas. With an open and active atmosphere, it will create a radiant fashion capital, a youthful city of vitality, and a dynamic city with surging energy.

  Han CITY international community, fun and happy life!

  The total volume is about 1 million square meters, consisting of more than 800,000 square meters of fashionable residential areas and 110,000 square meters of all-round commercial blocks. Including 33 high-rise buildings, 6 super high-rise buildings, 1 small apartment building, a five-star Lohas Hotel and a seven-star marriage and love themed hotel, the first group "Aishangli" debuted. 60-128m? Variety of star products, enjoy the advantages of New Beacon’s industrial resources, and the new 7S urban living system, making it a fashionable and fashionable residential area in the shining world of Wuhan, enjoying all the time!