New Beacon Group was awarded the press conference of China's top 100 city (town) operators



  With the successful convening of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the APEC meeting, the process of urbanization has continued to evolve, and a new wave of urbanization is sweeping. In November 2014, the first China city (town) operator conference and the 2014 China city (town) operator top 100 promotion event was held in Beijing National Convention Center.

  In the 2014 China Charming New Town List, Wuhan New Beacon Group, CITIC Real Estate, Wanda Group, OCT Group, China Fortune Land Development, Country Garden Group, Vanke Group, Financial Street Holdings, Greenland Group, COFCO Land, Poly Real Estate, China Resources Land, Agile 100 representative enterprises in the industry, including real estate, Beijing Capital Land, and China Overseas Real Estate, were included in the top 100.

  In a typical case, the operation and development model of Wuhan New Beacon Group is different from that of other companies: Wuhan New Beacon Group is a powerful enterprise composed of 5,000 people. There are six formats of traditional Chinese medicine health management, health management and cultural entertainment.

  More than 90% of our employees provide operation services, which are products that are closely related to our real estate customers and our commercial real estate customers. In addition to the six business types directly operated by ourselves, there are also huge businesses... The company's brand positioning and The strategic mission is the modern life operator. "