Create • World - New Beacon Modern Life Operator Brand and Han City • Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area Project Launch Ceremony



  On October 12th, the "Creation · World" New Beacon modern life operator brand and the Han City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area Project Launch Ceremony was grandly opened at the Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater. Attending the event included: Bao Yujun, Yuan Yihong, He Qi and Wang Yongping, authoritative experts, provincial, municipal and district leaders, many well-known commercial institutions and brand merchants, and also attracted Asian soul singer Lin Zhixuan and China's Good Voice. Popular singer Chen Bing, a large number of media people and investment and property buyers also flocked.

  The authoritative experts participating in the meeting all said: The era of "buying a house" to "buying a new modern lifestyle" has come, and the competition in the real estate industry has since entered a new stage of competition for modern life operation capabilities! In China, New Beacon Group is definitely the first company to put forward the brand strategic mission of "modern life operator". It owns six modern life industries including real estate, commerce, hotel, health, education and culture. Habitat quality life is the brand operation concept, which has already taken the lead in many traditional real estate companies.

  New Beacon Group has implemented a masterpiece of modern life operation for 20 years - 2 million Fanghan City Wuhan Central Metropolitan Area, which brings together four modern urban themed commercial and international cities: Trend Bay, Vitality, Family Harbor, and Service Port. There are nearly 300,000 square meters of fashion shopping malls, as well as the first seven-star marriage and love theme hotel in China, and Wuhan's first super-large indoor international theme park will also be born here. It will definitely be the first choice for home buyers to sample masterpieces of modern life, and it will be the benchmark of Wuhan Metropolitan Value.