New Beacon Group's "Modern Life Operator Seminar" started



  From August 8th to 9th, 2014, New Beacon Group's "Modern Life Operator Seminar" was held at the New Beacon Walden Hotel in Huanggang as scheduled. The chairman, general manager and deputy general manager of New Beacon Group Holding More than 170 people from the group's middle and senior management personnel and the company's sales team participated in the first closed course training of practical marketing after the class started.

  At the opening ceremony, the chairman of the group placed deep expectations

  Before the class started on the 8th, a brief and grand opening ceremony was held. Zeng Guilin, chairman of the group, and Tan Xiaoguang, deputy general manager, delivered speeches, expounding the meaning of this training and the expectations of the company's senior management for the training. The work ideas, learn and apply, and push the work to a new level. The head teacher Li Jing introduced the service team of the training class, put forward requirements and expectations for the students' upcoming learning, and said that the service team will do its best to provide services and provide students with satisfactory courses and learning experience.

  Three practical lecturers analyze real estate marketing from different angles

  On the morning and afternoon of the 8th, Mr. He Qichen, a well-known practical real estate expert, gave a systematic explanation of the problems faced by New Beacon Group in the process of transforming from hotel, catering, preschool education and other service industries to real estate development from the perspective of real estate actual marketing. Case analysis.

  Throughout the day on the 9th, Mr. Chen Jiahe, Chairman of Shenzhen Yunzheng International, conducted a physical examination-style marketing consultation on the actual status of New Beacon’s transformation into real estate. Combined with the case of New Beacon City, he emphasized that marketing should be taken into account. Systematization and execution. In all-staff marketing, the different roles played by each participating department and person, the different tasks they undertake, and the different rhetoric they preach must be systematically designed. After the system is designed, how can it be Ensuring that every chain in the system can be implemented in place without compromise is the key to success or failure.

  On the evening of the 9th, Chen Yun, Executive Deputy General Manager of Wuhan Wanda, who is in charge of Wanda Wuhan Marketing, analyzed the entire real estate development process from the perspective of marketing, from front-end market research to mid-end market planning to back-end sales management. , supplemented by many practical cases that Wanda has done all over the country to explain, making the course more practical.

  Brainstorm to discuss the pain points, screaming points and breaking points of the Han CITY project

  The New Beacon Han CITY project will be launched at the end of September. The group advocates all-staff marketing. How to take the opportunity of this training so that the members participating in the training can have a sense of participation in the marketing of the Han CITY project, and have a clear understanding of Han through the sense of participation. The characteristics and selling points of the CITY project have generated a deep sense of identity with the Han CITY project. According to the opinions of the executives of New Beacon Group, teachers from the EDP Center of the School of Economics of China University of Science and Technology held a brainstorm on the theme of "How to use micro-innovation to do a good job in the marketing of Han CITY".

  The brainstorming discussion is based on decomposing the marketing goals of Han CITY, and understanding the marketing background and strategies of Han CITY. That is, the characteristics of the target customer group and how to convert these customers) conducted group discussions and reports, and Mr. He Qichen commented on the discussion points of each round.

  In his comments, Mr. He specially proposed that the Han CITY project should classify and analyze the ethnic characteristics, and the concept of the modern life operator of Han CITY should be simplified and imaged to facilitate dissemination. At the same time, the network and new media should be strengthened according to ethnic characteristics. The use of tools, and pointed out that all staff marketing must first do internal marketing, so that everyone in the company can be as proficient and confident in the Han CITY project as the boss.

  After Mr. He's first round of comments, Zeng Guilin, chairman of the group company, came to the podium and fully explained the concept of Han CITY, and emphasized that the training was well organized. At the same time, he suggested that the training course be renamed "Modern Life". Operator Workshop".

  A variety of extracurricular activities build team cohesion and relieve the tension of training

  An ice-breaking activity was held at noon on the 8th, and the eight groups of members took active action, discussed the team name, team song, team training, etc. with high interest, and carried out the team demonstrations of each group. A lot of service work was undertaken in the training, which made the organization of the training more orderly.

  On the morning of the 9th, there was a team morning exercise. Eight groups carried out different forms of morning exercise. After that, the New Beacon Huanggang Walden Hotel arranged a special Tai Chi exercise. The students lined up in the square and practiced Tai Chi seriously.

  After the morning exercise, the students held a group photo. The group photo made the first 2-day closed training in Huanggang of New Beacon "Modern Life Operators Seminar" forever.

  The two-day fully enclosed real estate practical marketing training is based on the background of the upcoming opening of the Han CITY project of the New Beacon Group. It systematically explained all aspects of real estate practical marketing, and gave specific practical marketing opinions and suggestions in combination with the opening of Han CITY. .

  Although the intense and orderly training has ended, the students still need to be able to learn and use them after learning, so that the inspiration and growth left to the students will be long-lasting and tangible.