Jinyinhu International Hotel successfully passed the preliminary review of the four-star hotel



  Recently, Director Jiang of Wuhan Tourism Bureau Scenic Hotel Management Office and Wuhan Star Hotel Evaluation Team entered the New Beacon Jinyin Lake International Hotel, and conducted an evaluation and assessment on the hotel's application for a four-star tourist hotel. During the stay in the hotel, the leaders of the evaluation team, in accordance with the requirements of the four-star hotel in the "Classification and Evaluation of Star Ratings of Tourist Hotels", will review the hardware facilities in each business area of ​​the hotel, the service level of the employees of the management department, and the areas of engineering, security, and staff. After careful and careful examination and evaluation, the final score was 338.5 points. This means that New Beacon Jinyinhu International Hotel has successfully passed the preliminary examination of the four-star hotel by the Municipal Bureau.

  At the preliminary review meeting, Director Jiang affirmed that Jinyinhu International Hotel can achieve good operating results and social benefits within half a year of opening, and also pointed out that compared with the standards of four-star hotels, there are still insufficient. Director Jiang hopes that the hotel management department will complete the rectification work as soon as possible on the existing basis and in accordance with the requirements put forward by the star review team, so as to ensure that a copy of the final evaluation work organized by the Provincial Tourism Bureau will be handed over in the upcoming. Qualified answer sheet, as soon as possible to become the first listed four-star hotel in Dongxihu District. The general manager of the hotel, Mr. Ma, stated at the meeting that he would pay attention to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the leaders of the Municipal Bureau. The hotel will make improvements in the shortest time, and step into a new level in improving quality, management level and personnel quality.