New Beacon owns Tokyu Department Store, a joint venture between China and Japan, and Jiuzhou Longview Business Travel Co., Ltd., a leading international business team in China, North America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, integrating A large number of domestic and foreign first-class brand businesses and well-known commercial design agencies, into the global business elements, and vigorously develop the cultural theme, entertainment and experiential consumption content to the system of specialized operational capacity to build a wealth of modern consumer entertainment life is bound to lead a Market future Chinese business development trend of revolution.

  First-class team of professionals

  New Beacon integrates Japan Tokyu and draws on Japan's humanized and refined management concept of commercial transportation to provide its customers with innovative services of fine and humanized commercial operation and management throughout the country and work together to create a modern boutique life. In addition, Newbridge's Jiuzhou Vision has the full range of business operation and management capabilities from pre-positioning, investment management to late asset management and successfully serves the super-large flagship businesses such as North Joy City and Vientiane City. At the same time, it has more than 600 domestic types Business experience in project services to further enhance the overall operational strength of the Group's business.


  International top design

  New Beacon also established long-term strategic partnership with CallisonRTKL, the world's leading commercial design agency. In addition, it cooperated with Taiwan's Zu-Yuan Architects, the well-known design institutes Shanghai Urban Planning and Design Institute and Wuhan Urban Design and Research Institute Multi-level systematic strategy and cooperation, the local and international business gene fusion, to provide consumers with a comfortable space for consumer entertainment.

  In the future, New Beacon will continue to adhere to innovation and high-quality service standards. It will focus on the catering, entertainment and entertainment that are closely linked to the modern life of consumers and create a “city-class theme entertainment and life center” and a “regional commercial life center” “Community Business Life Center” and so on, integrating the advantages and resources of domestic and foreign enterprises and opening up new lifestyles created by New Binkai Group “New life”!

  Rich business content and forward-looking strategic investment in business content

  With its solid strength and extraordinary vision, New Binker, in cooperation with METRO, Hualian Cinema and other domestic first-tier and second-tier brands and local brands, provides consumers with a quality modern life experience.

  At the same time, in addition, Niubin Kai also actively practice cross-border strategic investment to meet the diverse and complex consumer demand, creating a blend of culture and refined life experience in one - “Dangdang Station” reading block, interesting scene-oriented Zoo - snorkeling indoor zoo, pan-sport theme - Star Sports crown more than 20 areas such as brand, leading the modern lifestyle.

  Jiuzhou vision website:http://www.landvision.cn/index.php/Index/index/mid/1.html